You would like to relocate to Montenegro and looking for a reliable immigration agent to handle your case? We provide immigration legal support and can help you to get a positive decision on your case, as well as give you any necessary settlement advice! With a personal approach, we take into account all the needs and wishes of our clients to develop a unique solution for each case. We often cooperate with our clients several times, and we are very pleased that they trust us again and again.
Ready to provide you various services before and after your relocation
Immigration through employment
We help you to establish your company in Montenegro and prepare all the necesarry documentation for residency based on employment for your and your family members. Initial residency period: 1 year.
    Immigration through property ownership
    Already a proud owner of property in Montenegro? You and your family members are eligible for residency! We make sure your documents comply with local regulations and the application process takes you just one visit to local authority office!
      Translation services
      We make certified translations between Montenegrin, English and Russian languages. Oral and written translations available for English, Russian, French and Montenegrin.
      Legal support
      You are already settled in Montenegro, but still no clarity on which door to knock on to get a certain paper? You hate paperwork and don't want to spend time on it? Delegate it to us!
      Since each case is individual, feel free to inquire about other services and pricing options
      Consulting Package
      • Online consulting to any questions
      • Advise on the immigration
      • Q&A on the relocation matters
      • Assesment of your options
      50€ / hour
      Corporate Package
      • Company set up
      • Bank account opening assistance
      • 1-year residency
      • Free online support to any questions
      1000€ / person
      Family Package
      • Family member 1-year residency
      • Full support for all family
      • All-day classes
      • Free online support to any questions
      250€ / person
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